Monday, February 14, 2011

Sad Day today

Well, it was a great day for my grandson, Reuben, he turned 5 today. But it was also his last day at Daycare. Yes, he's a Valentines baby - no excuse for him to forget! Even though it was his Birthday today he went to his Daycare that he has been going to since his was just over two.
I made a little chocolate cake and loaded it up with lollies (as you do) and we took our bouncy castle for the kids to play on. The kids were so excited. Reuben got to be the big boy and take the littlies on the bounce and then it was the bigger kids turn. He got to sit on the Birthday chair and wear the birthday hat while they sung Happy Birthday to him.
When I went back this afternoon to pick him up it was sad but in a funny way. Both Reuben and I got hugs from the teachers. It will be weird not having to turn into Talbot Street as I have been doing that for just under three years for four days a week! Now we are into another phase of his live - school.

I have just realised that the card I made him - I forgot to take a piccy of it!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have something crafty to post.

Happy crafting.

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