Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's been a long time between drinks....

I mean blog posts!!! Life in the past two months has been extremely busy. My every day job, the family summer weekend job, the buildup to the grand daughters birthday party, Christmas and New Year and now its the build up to our son's wedding being held at our place in two weeks... Gosh I must remember to breath lol.
Anywho getting back to crafting... I participated in a Circle Journal that we held at Crafters Anonymous. It was the first time I have ever done anything like this. There were 7 participants and we had to pick a theme for our 6 x 6 Journal, design your cover, decorate two pages and then forward it to the next person on the list.
My theme was "What's in your handbag?" It amazes me what we put into our bags... I have everything but the kitchen sink in mine whereas some ladies have the bare minimum.My rules for my Journal were that they had to decorate their pages in the colour/s of their handbags, take a pic of their bag and contents and tell me why they liked their bag and what they could not be without. It was exciting each month to receive a new Journal to decorate - some were easy and others took a bit to work out. I received mine back just before Christmas and WOW I love it!
Here are some pics of my Journal just before I sent it off to Flo.

I will post pics of the finished Journal over the next few days.

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