Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well, I have my fingers crossed. My family are ardent HOLDEN fans. The menfolk have all the gear (caps, shirts, polarfleeces, jackets.....). We drive HOLDENS. Even the grandchildren are in on the act. HOLDENS ROCK a NanNan - Fords are scuzzy!! I drive a purple SS and a couple of years ago I took my grandaughter to visit my sister's family who live in Townsville. Guess what she drives - a purple Ford!! (They are Ford fans) I had to lower myself and drive it (joking) - Shyanne would duck so that people couldn't see her!! Can you see her hiding her eyes...

Punch Art Tuesday at Swap Sisters, the lovely Anne had us make a car (we don't know what we are making when we begin - we just follow Anne's instructions). It was so much fun. Lots of guessing as to what it could be.... The challenge is always to make something with our finished punch art. I decided with the V8 Supercars being on this weekend, in Townsville, that I would do a Race Finish Line with HOLDEN winning!

Well, have I had ribbing from my "friends at Swap Sisters". Its always good the red v blue debate. I even sent my BIL Holden curtains for his Birthday once - he burnt them!

Edited: Unfortunately Ford won in Townsville

Thank you for looking.


  1. LOL Love the curtains! hehe
    Yes it is even a battle within our house as son is for the Red team and the rest are Blue!!
    Arguements aside - I do love your card!

  2. Well done Dee! Great card. Cannot believe that I have seen a photo of you in a Ford though - what were you thinking.

    Thanks for taking the Punch Art Challenge at Swap Sisters.