Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I have a signature

Tonight at Swap Sisters we are adding a signature to our blog posts. (Well, I have been trying to...) This is part of our Wednesday night Creative Computer Classes. We are taught by very the talented and extremely patient Tia Routledge.
I was having a lot of trouble to put my signature here as every time I added it, it had a black background which is not what I wanted. After finding out what system I was running, Tia told me to download Firefox and low and behold I now have a signature in my fav colour!!!


  1. Well done Dee!! Man - you are taking to these classes like a duck to water. You go girl!


  2. Firefox, definately way to go- well done on the signature.

  3. CONGRATS Dee!!!! I'm so pleased you got it working!!! WELL DONE YOU!!!!