Monday, September 12, 2011

My Monday Night Class

Tonight was my turn to take a class at Crafters Anonymous. I was going to do something else but then I saw this somewhere in blog land and it fitted in nicely with a Birthday that was coming up. So tonight Matthew ... oh thats right it's not "Star's in your eyes" we made a Hydrangea flower.
As a kid I didn't like these flowers as they reminded me of old ladies and spiders!!! But now I love them. It fascinates me how they can change colour depending whether your soil is acid or alkaline!!! Last year before my sons wedding I made a new garden and I planted white ones and they are still white (so does that make my soil neutral)

I am quite pleased how my card turned out and as it was the lady next door to work 85th Birthday I gave it to her. She loves flowers and has had an amazing garden over the years. The card I made for her last year has rolled flowers on it and it is still on her cabinet in her lounge! She's always showing people it (gotta love her for that)

Happy crafting

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