Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a day...

Christchurch Regionals - all I can say is "Wow, am I pleased I went". I had a very early start as I had to be at the airport by 7am. Things were going well until I left home and my run around car decided to flash an orange light at me!! I turned round and jumped into my good car (hoping that the battery wasn't flat as I don't use it very often). Hence I was very stressed hoping I wouldn't miss plane (lucky no police around at that hour as I must admit I was speeding). I made it in time and had a brilliant flight to Christchurch.
The day was fabulous. Meeting like minded crafty people and learning so many new things was a buzz. It was also great actually meeting people that I have spoken to/met on the internet. A big "hi and hugs" to Lisa as she picked me up from the airport and let me buddy up with her group.
Swapping was a new experience for me. Gosh there are some very talented ladies out there and I got some brilliant swaps. Here are my swaps and my name tag.

Happy crafting


  1. Gorgeous swaps Dee!

  2. If I could make a name tag with all my favourite stamps and colours on it this would be it.