Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Owl be seeing you.....

Tonight over at Swap Sisters we had our last Punch Art class with the fabulous Anne Brignall.
When I saw what supplies we needed, I thought, my goodness, these are unusual colours to be putting together. Well, look what it turned out to be.....

Super cute ah!!! A very fitting project for our last class. Thank you Anne for showing us how to make amazing things out of our Stampin' Up punches. It has been a real pleasure learning from you.

Thanks for looking


  1. Well done Dee its a very cute Owl, and thanks for joining Anne on her last class. :)

  2. It's bitter sweet- I love the owl sooo cute, but it's also sad :( xx

  3. Awww Dee where are those darn tissues again!! ;-)

    You are too good my friend!! You and all the ladies on Swap Sisters have been totally awesome and I am going to miss our punch art get-together's. I am just so pleased you enjoyed them!!

    Thank you for making my classes so much fun and so enjoyable!!! It's been a "hoot"! lol.