Thursday, October 11, 2012

Christmas Wreath

A couple of weeks ago I went to a "Stamp Camp" run by my upline Jacque. We didn't stay over - I travelled to Richmond both days. About 10 ladies attended. It was a full on two days. Mind you we started two hours late due to AirNZ plane delays, etc. In saying that we completed everything all of the projects that Jacque had planned for us.
The big project was making a Christmas wreath. I had seen these made and thought "nah I wont be making one of them" but I must admit I thoroughly enjoyed making one. Lots of work on the Big Shot cutting out flowers of varying sizes and colours, glue, buttons, wrapping paper and tulle. Here's my take on Jacque's - I have a few gaps so I might put in a bit more tulle. It sure is going to look good hanging at my door this Christmas. I also found a metal wreath holder at Spotlight that has bells on it so that will save putting drawing pins into my wooden doors.

I will post more pics of what we did over the next few days. 

Thanks for stopping by.