Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandson's 6th Birthday

Six years ago today our grandson was born. He is a boisterous, loud, chatty, cheeky, cuddly 6 year old boy. He is fast becoming the "mini me" of my hubby. Pop loves watching Westerns. If Reuben is at our place and he has to go home, he always asks if there is a Western on "cors him and Pop will just have to watch it".
This is the card I made for him using the fabulous Extreme Elements stamp set. He has a four wheel motorbike that he drives so I thought the bike stamp would be appropriate for him. I am pleased to say that he loved his card (Phew)

Here he is on his pogo stick he got for his Birthday - he will have to practice to master it.

As well as it being his Birthday it is also Valentines day so HAPPY VALENTINES to you.

Happy crafting.


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