Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Gosh where has this past week gone... Life has certainly got in the way. My family have a weekend business (we own fairground rides) and our A & P Show season has started. We travel around the top of the South Island attending Shows and other activities. This "silly" season lasts for 6 months. Yes, that is my summer apart from the odd weekend off. Hence, I haven't had much spare time for crafting - grrr. Hopefully this week.

I managed to get some baking done. My first attempt looked awesome when I took them out of the oven, but they didn't taste the best as I had not put butter into the mix (it was still in the microwave!!!). I wasn't going to throw them out (I had used 6 eggs) so I split them in half and put in a dollop of butter.
My second attempt was so much better with all the ingredients lol. I decorated them in Halloween style and my grandson took some to school for his classmates.
Reuben looked so cute when he was carrying them into school - some of the kids squealed when they saw the spiders... lol

Have a good day - happy crafting


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